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ImageFox 2.0 lets you preview image, video and sound files while browsing the File Open/Save_as dialog box of most 32-bit Windows programs. Preview your files before opening them and without launching a separate picture viewer, mpeg viewer, jpeg viewer or music player for each file type. It supports 40+ popular image and multimedia file types including gif, jpeg, tiff, wav and mpeg.
Image, video or sound file previews appear in the right or bottom area of the Open/Save_as dialog box along with file information and function shortcut buttons, according to your preference. ImageFox 2.0 makes it easy to preview graphics and multimedia files without having to launch a separate picture viewer, mpeg viewer, jpeg viewer, or music player to view each one.
ImageFox 2.0 provides convenient functions to save you time and effort. Along with fast image, video and sound file previews you get the ability to create application specific and global favorites folders. The favorites function lets you access frequently previewed files even more quickly and easily. Plus, ImageFox 2.0 displays file information about image format, dimensions, number of colors and the number of pages in the image as well as the current page number (when viewing multipage TIFF files).
ImageFox 2.0 also comes equipped with a help file that provides program instructions.

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